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Everlasting Beauty.
Captured in Stone.

Made of 80% natural granite, SILGRANIT® combines the textural beauty of nature with unmatched strength and durability. High-quality acrylic bonds the material giving the sink an unsurpassed hardness and durability. SILGRANIT® is a unique patented material unlike any other sink material available. Scratch-proof and exceptionally chip-resistant, foods can be prepared or cut on the surface of the material without a mark.
SILGRANIT® is available in 6 striking
colours depending on the model selected.*
SILGRANIT® sinks are coloured throughout and are
non-fading, even in direct sunlight. Colour is consistent from sink to sink for a perfect match when using more than one sink in a kitchen setting. SILGRANIT® colours feature a subtle, natural mineral pearlescence as shown above in Café.
* Not all models available in all colours.

Scratch-proof and chip-resistant

SILGRANIT® will not scratch— Steak knives, carving knives, paring knives, pots and pans— you name it. SILGRANIT® can handle it! No other sink material can match SILGRANIT® for overall durability.

Highly stain-resistant and easy care

Non-porous design resists most household stains. Brilliant and easy-care. Cleans easily with the wipe of a sponge. Red wine, mustard, berries, citric acids, beet juice, coffee or even hair dyes— will not stain a SILGRANIT® sink.

Highly heat-resistant

Withstands temperatures of up to 280°C (536°F), hotter than a pot straight from the stove. Can’t burn, scorch or mar the surface. Withstands temperature extremes and fluctuations— ideal alternative to stainless steel outdoors!

Non-porous hygienic and food safe

Approved for use in contact with foods. Will not absorb odours or bacteria. Suitable for food preparation, hygienic and a better environmental choice.